Saturday, September 6, 2014


 It has been a few months since I written a post. It seems that most of my writings have been on my Facebook page.  Trying to keep up with that and Etsy , besides creating, as well as keeping up with a household has kept me quite busy. With Fall right here , changes always come. I welcome it! In this household , our little grandson is about to get a new baby brother!  We await! It will be soon!

 I have been getting some new beads. I went to a Flea Market last week in Hillsville , VA. The whole town was a Flea Market. My husband & I walked for 9 hours and still did not get over the whole thing. Much to my surprise, there was a bead man there who had great lovelies! I have been creating a few things with my finds. Below is one creation:


I have also been trying some Boho Chic styles. A New Bracelet:

I done a few new earrings:

Sapphires & Pearls

Mod Earrings

Two Hearts 
Garnet and Black Spinels

Black and Bling

Vintage K12 Sparkle

These are just a few of my latest designs. Check my Etsy page for my latest or the bar at the side of my page.

Hoping to post more often.