Saturday, September 6, 2014


 It has been a few months since I written a post. It seems that most of my writings have been on my Facebook page.  Trying to keep up with that and Etsy , besides creating, as well as keeping up with a household has kept me quite busy. With Fall right here , changes always come. I welcome it! In this household , our little grandson is about to get a new baby brother!  We await! It will be soon!

 I have been getting some new beads. I went to a Flea Market last week in Hillsville , VA. The whole town was a Flea Market. My husband & I walked for 9 hours and still did not get over the whole thing. Much to my surprise, there was a bead man there who had great lovelies! I have been creating a few things with my finds. Below is one creation:


I have also been trying some Boho Chic styles. A New Bracelet:

I done a few new earrings:

Sapphires & Pearls

Mod Earrings

Two Hearts 
Garnet and Black Spinels

Black and Bling

Vintage K12 Sparkle

These are just a few of my latest designs. Check my Etsy page for my latest or the bar at the side of my page.

Hoping to post more often.


  1. Such lovely creations!!! And congratulations on the new grand baby! Here's hoping you will still have time for some creating. Oh and thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving such kind comments!


  2. Just stopped by to say hi and tell you your creations are lovely !!!!
    Have a great weekend!!

    Kathy jo