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"Bohemian Spice"


The look of these earrings remind me of a far off land. Beginning with Amazonite hearts at the bottom, aventurine rondells, topped off with a Sleeping Beauty Turquoise piece. French wire earrings are copper , touched with copper spacers.

"In Flight"

The soft "colours"of spring enhance this lovely cuff.

A soft lavender leather  covers a brass  cuff. One single bloom holds the center of the cuff. It is a layered filigree piece that has been enameled with soft white than a pearl iridescent colour.  The center of the bloom is a vintage iridescent earring piece that has been enhanced with shades of purple czech glass.

Petite Swarvoski Crystals in shades of lavender, pink, and green are 
"In Flight" to the bloom. 

"Sweet Innocence"

With the beautiful array of pastel colours,and the soft touch of white flower blossoms, "Sweet Innocence" is a lovely feminine accent for every occasion.  The vintage pendant is arrayed with tiny white blossoms, highlighted with petite rhinestones. 

Below the vintage flower pendant is a small dangle consisting of  very small Czech glass and Swarvoski Rondell. Dangling from that is a Pineapple Quartz teardrop that tops it off.

Aventurine, Pink Peruvian Opal, Alabaster, Mother of Pearl, Swarvoski Crystals, Czech glass, Glass pearls, Amazonite, Amethyst, Fluorite,are a part of "Sweet Innocence " beauty.

 A Vintage Mariam Haskell piece is adorned with Swarvoski Crystals.

The clasp consist of Alabaster and Czech glass beads. Draping down the neck are an array of tiny Swarvoski's and Czech Glass beads, touched off at the very end with a tiny pastel green butterfly.

"Midnight Romance"

These beauties are made
from vintage brass chandeliers.
I have dripped small velvet blue
Swarvoski crystals, highlighted
with tiny iridescent  Swarvoski's from the chandeliers. A tiny iridescent hangs near the top.

"Bloom" earrings

Sweet little "blooms" that will compliment the "Bloom" bracelet. Earrings are brass with the lovely colours of Spring;  greens, pink, soft turquoise,white and mint. 


The smell of spring is in the air. This bracelet is full of "bloom" and "colour" for your spring attire. The main piece is made from a vintage broach, enameled in green with a soft blue "bloom" in the center.

I have attached a brass chain in the middle with blooms of mint green, pink, soft turquoise, white, and an iridescent shade of green. On both sides of the brass chain are soft greens, pinks, blues, purples, consisting of swarvoski's, czech glass beads, jade, and ornate brass bicones.

To clasp the bracelet, vintage white "blooms" have been attached to a filigree piece which holds the brass wire clasp. 

This bracelet can be worn on both sides as I have shown in the pictures.

Petite Pearl and Garnets

For the outfit that needs that delicate touch. Made of sterling silver, garnet, rice pearls, and swarvoski crystals. Rice pearls are from a vintage bracelet. Very charming!

Iridescent Beauty $75.00

If you are looking for some romance to wear with a bit of bling… THIS IS IT!!! Swarovski Crystals and other stones are attached to an antique pendant that has different soft hues of pink, yellow, green and blue depending which way the pendant is turned. A light green glass tulip with a sparkling blue centre adds to the beauty this necklace beholds. Rhinestones, glass pearls, crystals, aventurine, and amethyst are along the chain. Wired with brass plus  two old brass connectors and another vintage rhinestone pendant, this necklace measures almost fourteen inches long. Dangling down the back of the neck are more crystals. 

Snowflake $45.00

Sale $30.00

Bling!! Lots of vintage rhinestone jewelry make up this piece. Glass pearls that are grey and white and a vintage pearl necklace is the chain. Soft greys, silvers, and white. Measures about 10.5 inches. 

Sparkle $35.00

Sparkle!! Shine!! Vintage beads make up this arm candy of silver, soft grey, and clear beads.  There is a vintage iridescent flower on it that adds to the splendour of this beautiful bracelet. Three strands make up one bracelet. The clasp is attached with a round closer with three small dangles. Stardust beads also make this bracelet shine. 

 Just the way you are… 

Vintage rhinestones, aqua/tan glass pearls, stardust beads, rhinestone turquoise spacers, iridescent flower accent, and a vintage glass pearl chain make up this beautifully distinctive necklace. The pendant is resin and says," You are simply beautiful just the way you are." with a rhinestone inside. Timeless beauty. 

Bronze Moonlight $35.00

A bit of romance with bronze filigree spacer and aqua blue glass beads gives a special touch to your look. A toggle claps gives this bracelet and elegant touch as it sits on your wrist. This bracelet also comes in a beautiful aventurine which you will find in the pictures below. The "Magic of Fall " is closed with a magnetic clasp.

The Magic of Fall $35.00

The Heart of Turquoise $30.00

Sale $25.00

This simple piece is made of "Sleeping Beauty Turquoise". It adds an artistic touch that is made with a silver dipped heart to accent any boho-chic look. The band is a braided leather cord. 

The Colour of Love $20.00

Sale  $15.00

These two pieces express tremendous emotions through their colours. Each are made with Czech glass beads that surround the sterling silver plated piece in the centre.

The Colour of Peace $20.00

Sale $15.00

Festive $20.00

Red Swarovski Crystals, green pillow glass beads, which are outlined in copper/bronze, and glass crystals in bronze make up with gorgeous bracelet. Perfect for any celebratory occasion. 

Fun inspirations bracelets!!!!!!! $15.00
 These bracelets are the perfect reminders for you or a friend. These will lift anyones spirits as they look at them throughout the day. Each one is unique with different beading and findings on the sides. They are all made with different leather cords. 

"…dream as if you'll live forever…" 

"…reality has limits imagination is boundless…"

"…embrace imperfection…"

"…enjoy the journey…"

Aventurine Romance $20.00

These earrings are romantic and feminine. They are a perfect match for "The Magic of Fall". These earrings are combined with bronze and french wires which are also adorned with brass ornate beads.  

Aqua Sparkle $18.00

Beautiful soft aqua with a bit of sparkle on brass french wires. Swarovski crystals, tiny czech beads, and very small rhinestone spacers are what makes up this precious treasure. These are petite earrings almost one inch in length.  

The Baby Blues $10.00

Sale $5.00

Very sweet for any day. Square glass aqua beads with a blue- green glass bead on brass wire makes these earrings special and unique. 

Champagne Nights $20.00 
One of my favourite pieces! These are absolutely beautiful with copper, facetted pink Swarovski crystals. A perfect gift for Valentines' Day! 

Purple Beauties $20.00
These beauties are purple amethyst with silver bead caps on top and bottom. A black glass beads and Swarovski iridescent shades of purple, rose, and blue beads (depending on which way the light strikes them) adorn the top of these earrings. 

The Kiss of Youth $18.00
These are aqua-blue and tan glass pearls on a filigree hearts with a rhinestone spacer in-between. Exquisite!!!

Sweethearts of Spring $18.00
Everything about these sweet little earrings is sterling silver. The purple, light green, and rhinestone spacers are Swarovski crystals.  They have an iridescent bead to compliment the beauty of the crystals. Finally, there are heart kisses that finish the bottom of this earring. Love in its most perfect form. 

Be Mine $40.00

Sterling silver from end to end. This gorgeous piece brings out every elegance in a woman. Made with Swarovski crystals, rhinestones, glass beads, a vintage heart and clasp. 'Be Mine' has an array of colour from white, purples, pinks, blues, greens, to iridescence. This is absolute enchantment. This bracelet matches beautifully with 'Sweethearts of Spring'. 'Be Mine' measures at nine inches but can easily be adjusted to fit your wrist upon request. 

'Be Mine' has a vintage rhinestone clasp and an iridescent heart drop. 
Vintage statement pendant

At first sight  $30.00

Three vintage pendants make up this alluring bracelet. It is made with Swarovski and Czech glass crystals in pale blues and pinks with brass wiring. A mother of pearl heart kisses the front of the bracelet to add charm. Rhinestones adorn the centre cupid’s heart. A boy and a girl silhouette set it off to create love…"At first sight..'.  A perfect 'something blue' for anyone’s wedding day. 'At first sight..  measures at eight inches.

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